Websites Designed to Make a Difference

What is the mission, the goal of your website? Maybe another way to ask that question is “Why did you or do you spend money on having a website?” For e-commerce companies, this is a much easier question to answer. Or is it?

What if the question was posed in a different form, “Who did you create your website to make a difference for?” Requires an entirely different approach to answering the question, doesn’t it?

Website aren’t designed to be static poster boards of your company, like a beautiful picture in a frame. Today, they are meant to be experienced by moving from room-to-room (page-to-page) in the navigation bar, leaving a comment in a post that evoked an emotion, signing up for a newsletter because a spark was kindled, or clicking a social media icon to spend more time with the company in a place that they hang out the most.

Sometimes it gets hard to determine how to incorporate your website into your digital footprint online. We know, as a web design agency our job is not only to help the companies that trust us with their website needs, but also to be consistent in the areas that we are coaching others in the most. Many times, our discovery conversations with prospects end up being discovery conversations with ourselves. And the outcomes that we uncover for them become areas of improvement for us.

Nevertheless, the time that visitors spend on a website is precious and should cause them to feel a part of the ecosystem of your company and an intricate part of the journey of mission of the business. But these kinds of relationships are not built overnight. They are curated by consistent invitations to visit with on in your virtual office to help them solve problems that can’t be addressed in an Instagram post or 140-character tweet.

The website that is built for your company should be one that offers an enriching experience for all who visit it, by making sure it answers the questions that your visitors are seeking, and while building a community that is served well through its interaction with you at every stage. When a website can truly become a place where encouragement, exploration, and empowerment happen, then your website truly becomes a tool that is making a difference for the online community and the family of customers that you serve.


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