3 Reasons to Fall in Love with Landing Pages

Ask us if we have fallen in love with what landing pages can do to help a company grow and our team will give you an enthusiastic…yes!

“Say what you want, focus is key.”

The basis for our happiness comes from the fact that we are witnessing the affect that adding a landing page or two to clients existing websites after a discovery call is phenomenal to say the least.

Hence, what we have been able to narrow down around our affection for landing pages is this:

  • Operational Quickly

Websites take a time to build. Even the most experienced web designer is going to need time to map a website (sitemap) and create a wireframe of the website if you want the website to be sustainable in the long run. All these things are valuable for overall big picture website engagement and community. However, when you need a page that is laser focused on having a visitor take action on your website by selling them on performance, use, or functionality of a product or service, then a landing page is the perfect tool.

Many times, during a discovery call with a prospect, we learn that many of the changes that they are experiencing with their current website around conversion and tracking, can be addressed with a landing page created with conversion and sales in mind.

  • Targeted Message

What you say and how you say it makes all the difference when it comes to a landing page. One of the harder things to get our clients and prospects to understand sometimes is that the landing page always stays on message, no matter what. That page has a job to do, so for it to be effective, it must stay on target with the reason it was created in the first place. Messaging in the golden goose in this case.

Say what you want, focus is key. Have you ever found yourself thinking about several different tasks that need to be completed in the office on a given day? What happens when you try to address more than one of them at a time? Nothing. Absolutely nothing happens, does it? Why?

Because nothing can truly be accomplished without being single in thought and mind. A landing page’s job is to keep the prospect focused on what brought them there in the first place.
  •  Conversion Tracking

Metrics matter. For anyone to know if something is working, it is always important to take the time to stop and look at the numbers. Because the data gives the most accurate indication of whether something is working, or it isn’t. What is terrific about a landing page is that it is simple and easy to track whether the desired action of the page is being realized. Since the reason it was created was to do something, it only needs to ask,

“Did the conversion happen?”

“How often did this page convert?”

“Were the goals reached?”

If the answer to these questions falls short of expectations, landing pages can be revised in order to do split testing for things like layout, wording, and CTA (call to action) performance. Again, with landing pages there is no need to redesign an entire website to reach your sales or business goals. Using landing pages to convey a target message that converts in very little time may be exactly what you need to increase conversion and sales through your website.


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